[Artemisia] evil doings not yet divulged

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 Well, it sounds boorish if WE tell folks about it! Plus, if I know these ladies, and you might say I have a tiny bit of insight on this one, they are probably still trying to figure out what the heck happened! I'm still figuring John's gonna jump out annd say, "Hah! Got YOU this time!" At which point, Konrad and Kortland would suddenly have to become the K&Q, because Symonne and I would kill him. Granted, it won't stop me giving Peers The Question, but, it will require a small bit of editting on my part. Once again, Congratulations Osondrea and Antoinette! Tanglsomethingorother--- On Sun 11/30, Dr. Helm-Clark < no1home at onewest.net > wrote:From: Dr. Helm-Clark [mailto: no1home at onewest.net]To: artemisia at lists.gallowglass.orgDate: Sun, 30 Nov 2003 15:23:44 -0700Subject: [Artemisia] evil doings not yet divulgedWell, I was expecting someone to get around to this last week,but I guess that with the holidays it just skipped everybody'smind....*****SIGH******so I will drag my poor sorry ailing carcass to the keyboardand wearily drag my ailing fingers across the keys to tellyou all of the news from last week..,a week ago yesterday, in fact...MY APPRENTICE GOT BUSHED!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (((grin))) ;-) ;-) ;-)you all have to address her now as the high and mighty paragon ofscribal excellence, MISTRESS Osondrea de la Bete, goddess of the quill and brush and scrourge of unruly gold leaf everywhereit may think it can hide from her most magnificant and skilledfingers, unworthy we all of even her tiniest attention...!!!!who, me? pleased? I'm not at all proud, no way, no how,not a chance of it...)oh, yeah...her sister Antoinette du Bete and some herald person,Tanglesomthingorother, got birded, if I remember correctly...ttfnTherasia (who will spill the beans as to the huge plotto double-whammy the de la Bete sisters, when she getsback from the errands she has to go run at the moment)pscongrats you guys :)_______________________________________________Artemisia mailing listArtemisia at lists.gallowglass.orghttp://lists.gallowglass.org/mailman/listinfo/artemisia

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