[Artemisia] Hey everyone, long time no talk

Tammi Byington tammi_j at msn.com
Mon Dec 1 07:52:26 CST 2003

The prodigal squire returns :)  Rumors are that he might be attending a 
gathering in Atenveldt in February...Wouldn't that be fun!!!

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>Subject: [Artemisia] Hey everyone, long time no talk
>Date: Sun, 30 Nov 2003 15:35:36 -0700
>     Hey everyone, this is Grimr inn Feilan (Damon Young), just wanted to 
>say hi to all my friends back in Idaho and Artemisia in general.  I miss 
>you all and think about you all the time.  I went to war in Iraq with the 
>3rd BDE, 3rd Infantry Div back in January, got back near the end of July.  
>Yes, the desert really sucks. REALLY sucks.  At least the war was fun!  I'm 
>in Fort Benning, GA right now, and have gone to a couple events here in 
>Meridies, the people here meet the high standards I've come to expect from 
>being around Artemisians so long.  Anyone, feel free to drop me a line if 
>anyone feels like it, I'll talk to you soon.
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