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I am sorry that not sorry that my wife posted here becuse she thought it was insalted on har and outhers as a woman in the SCA   I do not agree with every thing that has been said, but when it reaches the point that you or anyone else starts to rip apart what the SCA stands for and any one part puts its self above all the rest, then I have the right to ask why? i think that Arrows Flight is a good Name. and that is the end it.
I am sorry to the kingdom if thay think that we overstep.  

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  Arrows Flight as a name doesn't hurt my feelings.  Its the arrows that hurt and then usually only my pride.

  Sir Conrad von Zuberbuhler, KSCA, and infamous arrow magnet

  "No, 'Canton of We Hate Those Jerks with Crowns and Those Jerks with 
  White Belts' would be insensitive to the Crown and Chivalry. 'Arrow's 
  Flight' is no more offensive to the Chiv than 'Oxford' is to people 
  that wanted to take their horses across the river."

  And etc.  Couchbars points should be well taken. 


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