[Artemisia] COLLEGE of Arrow's Flight Discussion

Gauceran de Provence gauceran at hotmail.com
Mon Dec 1 14:09:42 CST 2003

>From: "Chuck Heisler Jr." <conradvz at yahoo.com>
>I think that maybe the [College] of Arrows Flight should be less interested 
>in what their name will be and more interested in getting all the folks 
>down there on the same page as to where the group is headed.


I just thought I'd point out that the Kingdom email list is getting a very 
skewed appearance of the current discussion. In fact, long before any posts 
were made we had a populace meeting where a large part of the College felt 
that becoming a shire was a thing we need to look into doing. The officer's 
meeting the next week had the same jist and so the ball got started rolling. 
In fact we have not had any disagreements except for the whole name thing, 
which really has not been discussed by the populace as a whole. Anyway, I 
just don't want people thinking that we're all that confused about where we 
want to go, when are just working out when and how!

-Gauceran de Provence

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