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Jacquie Ziegler shauna at bresnan.net
Sat Dec 6 13:55:27 CST 2003


As most (if not all) of you know, next Spring 
I will officially take over the office of Laurel
Sovereign of Arms. This is the 'Head Herald' 
job for the Society, and is NOT a one-person
office, by any means! I will be having help from
several different Kingdoms on various aspects
of the office.

There is one portion, however, that I would really
like to see close to home - that is, filled by an
Artemisian or someone reasonably close to my
home physically. That is why I am messaging
Northshield Heralds and Outlands Heralds as well.

The current Laurel Exchequer has held the office
for five years, and wishes to step down. He has
done a great job, but he lives in Pennsylvania,
and the distance factor can be a bit of a problem
for some things. He is willing to stay on through
the end of the current officeholders tenure (April,
2004) as well as train up his replacement, but would
like to finish up before he takes up a new challenge -
Pennsic Exchequer for 2004!

So, I need an Exchequer for the Laurel Office. The
job, as I understand it, is about as intense as being
Baronial Exchequer, paperwork wise, but not as time
consuming - once a month batches of checks and
receipts in and out (hopefully) and reports to the
appropriate people, I believe monthly. A quarterly
report to Laurel Sovereign for inclusion in the 
BoD reports (also quarterly) as well as a yearly
report (aka Domesday).

Any volunteers? Ideally I would like to see previous exchequer
experience at Baronial or higher level, and a modicum of knowledge
of the heraldic submissions process. However, we don't live
in an ideal world, so I will consider any and all offers.

I'd like to have a new individual chosen and in place by
the middle of January at the absolute latest, so if you are
interested, please send a letter of intent for the office of 
Laurel Exchequer to myself (electronic is fine) and I will
send copies to the current office holder and current
Laurel Sovereign for their help in choosing a successor.

If you need more details before putting in any official letter,
please message me and I will get you in touch with the current
officeholder privately.

Thanks, all, for your kind attention.

Mistress Shauna of Carrick Point
Laurel Designate

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