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In this season of love and joy, let us not forget the living that are most 
deserving of help, the sick and the children (Toys for Tots).

Health and happiness to all,

Avelyn ingen Uilliam
Yes, since Solstice Court is in Salt Lake City, you all might want to know 
that I just heard the Marine in charge of the local "Toys for Tots" on the radio 
a few minutes ago begging people to bring in toys or cash.  Seems that, even 
though they have had more donations than usual this year, they have many more 
children in need in the area ranging from Utah Valley up to and through Ogden 
than they have ever had before.  They are concerned that, for the first time 
ever, they will not have enough toys for all the "tots" that need and deserve 
them in the area.

So, if you can find it in your wallet and your heart, please bring a new 
unwrapped toy or two to Solstice.  I am sure that we can find someone local who 
can get the toys where they need to go.  Heck, if no one else can, I will put 
them in the back of our Suburban (fondly known as the Yak) and get them wherever 
they need to go.  The holidays may be for the young at heart, but as far as I 
am concerned the young in age will not be without at least one toy if there 
is any way I can prevent it.  I hope that a few of the rest of you feel the 
same way.

Lady Constance de la Rose
Barony of Loch Salann
Kingdom of Artemisia

"Never say a thing's impossible,
For chances are you'll rue it.
Because some fool who doesn't know,
Will come along and do it."
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