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I am pushing a copy of all of this out to this site so that those not on
the Loch Salann page, but in the area may have opportunity to review the
information and perhaps search your own hearts (and minds) and give
careful consideration to this position.  If you are not in our area, but
don't have a youth minister in your own, consider this as well. 

As far as a team of youth workers is concerned, children do not respond
well when being placed in a 'secondary category'.  If a team approach is
taken, it is my hope that those who opt to do this would take it very
seriously and when it is 'their turn' always put the kids 'first'.  To
keep them interested and involved, it is important that they know if and
when youth activities will take place and that there is follow through.
Consistency is most definitely a 'key' here. 

There are other 'issues' to be concerned with, the first is making a
decision to 'serve'. 

In Service

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   Date: Wed, 17 Dec 2003 14:30:44 +0000
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Subject: Re: Help Wanted
We are sorry to see you go as you have done a great job in taking care of
such an important duty. We look forward to your recovery and I’m certain
that the future youth minister will look forward to having your
assistance in their endeavors.
Just a reminder that anyone wanting to fulfill this office must submit an
official letter of intent to me and to Their Excellencies Trigvar and
One thought that I think Bethoc mentioned is that a group of parents
could take turns providing activities at fighter practice for the
children. I know that I am planning to help out when my attentions are
not demanded elsewhere.  
While this is not a Babysitting service we do realize that parents are
people too and that we all go to Fighter Practice and events for a
reason. We would ask that everyone who has children that participate in
the children’s activities donate a least a small amount of their time to
these efforts.  
For Questions regarding this office please contact myself, their
Excellencies or Bethoc.
Yours in humble service,
Sergeant Raven MacLeod 
Seneschal, Loch Salann

 A gentle reminder:   The office of Youth Minister for the Barony of Loch
 Salann is now officially vacant. 
 Although I am still very much involved in the youth programs at an
 administrative level, I will no longer be providing youth activities in
 Loch Salann on a regular basis.  Even though I have stepped down as the
 local youth minister, I do feel that this is a very important function
 it benefits not only the children, but the barony and the kingdom as a
 whole.  Please consider the following: 
 I think Lady Sorscha of Atenvendt states it best where in their MOY
 manuals, it reads: 

Youth activities are offered for many reasons.  Sometimes we are trying
 to develop a habit for children to pursue an interest in arts and
 sciences.  Perhaps they are offered because kids are often left to
 unattended at events or need a structured activity to keep them safe and
 supervised.  Some people even organize these activities because they
 like kids.  
 Whatever the reasons are, being responsive to youth issues is an
 important aspect of living the dream in the Society for Creative
 Anachronism and children need the support of the populace to meet this
 The purpose of the Artemisia youth programs: 
 The important issues of life that these activities will try to develop
 are cornerstones of the ideals we hold dear in the SCA.  The avowed
 purpose of these activities shall be to provide the following to youth
 ages 5-17: 
 1.  Spread knowledge of arts and sciences of the Middle Ages, 
 2.  To teach chivalry, honor, responsibility, history, and, 
 3.  To provide opportunities to serve the Kingdom.
 It is our belief that young people should not have to wait until they
adults to enjoy the benefits of the Society in these current Middle Ages.
  With your participation, our children and teens, who are a vital part
 the SCA, can join the youth programs now and be one step closer towards
 the Dream that we all share.
 The coordinator of these activities will be an official Children’s
 Steward of the program, who might also be a minister of children at the
 local level.  The superior to this person would be the Kingdom
 Minor and also the designated person at the baronial level. 
 My additions: 
 This is not a babysitting service.  You would be working primarily with
 youth between the ages of 5 - 17, primarily in non-combat activities
 (Joel the Wanderer is the current Boffer Marshall for the Youth of Loch
 Salann). If you feel you would be interested in serving the barony as
 either a permanent or temporary youth minister, providing meaningful
 activities for the young people either at events and/or during fighter
 practice, please let us know.  If you know several people who would be
 willing to share in this responsibility and wish to participate as a
 team, let us know. 
 If you like kids, have an interest in serving the barony in this
 capacity, but have no idea what to do to get started... I would be more
 than willing to share all of my ideas and resource materials with you.
 There are many others within the barony who also have some pretty nifty
 ideas as well, many are based on their past SCA experiences, etc. 
 Your service is needed NOW.   Thanks for listening and I look forward to
 speaking with you.  If you have questions feel free to call me directly
 at (801) 322-4984
 In Service
 Lady Bethoc
 Southern Deputy to the Chancellor Minor

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