[Artemisia] Looking for someone in Boise ID

Oogie McGuire oogiem at desertweyr.com
Sat Dec 20 20:46:40 CST 2003

Does anyone here know how to contact this person?

Mayfair13a at aol.com

Kelli Kennison
1221 Lincoln Avenue
Boise, ID 83706

I purchased 3 books from them back in late October. Got e-mail 
confirmation that my money order was received 6 November and now I'm 
not getting any e-mail responses and no books have arrived.

They were a rather expensive set that I was planning on for 
Christmas, I'm rather upset that I haven't heard anything and am 
hoping someone knows who this is and can help me find out what 
happened to my books or get a refund.

Oogie McGuire - oogiem at desertweyr.com
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Desert Weyr - CMK Arabian horses and Black Welsh Mountain Sheep
Paonia, CO USA
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