[Artemisia] Esrtella War Arts and Sciences 2

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Mon Dec 22 11:06:50 CST 2003

Unto the artisans of the Known World be it known that the three (3) 
categories for the Estrella War 2004 Arts and Sciences Competition are:

* MIDDLE EASTERN COSTUME (excluding jewelry and accessories) defined as 
any single garment, excluding jewelry and accessories, that is 
constructed using period techniques, materials, patterns and design that 
is correct to the regions of the Near and Middle East and Central Asia 
during our time period of study (Pre-17th century)

Judging areas in this category are defined as:

DOCUMENTATION_ General description. Lists and dates when types of 
materials, techniques and tools were available to be used.. Have 
drawings, pictures, diagrams, patterns been included. Where was the 
pattern obtained. Cite examples, list sources. Is a bibliography included.

COMPLEXITY AND/OR DIFFICULTY _ Complexity of design and steps used to 
achieve it. Was the pattern original, hand_drafted, reproduction, 
commercial, or a combination. Difficulty of execution with construction 
techniques, materials, and embellishments used.

WORKMANSHIP_ Assess the success of the techniques used to construct the 
garment. Consider skill of pattern draft (if appropriate), fabric 
cutting (bias versus straight grain, for example), piecing and fit, 
stitch choices, and finishing details. Is the stitching tight and even 
or otherwise appropriate? Is the work neatly executed? Do any functional 
parts of the garment(s) work appropriately?

AESTHETIC QUALITIES _Is the overall appearance suitable for a Period 
garment? Consider design, color and material choices. Do they fit the 
documented aesthetics of the Period? Are the materials chosen suitable 
for the design and function of the garment? Are choices for trim and 
decorative elements appropriate to the Period? Do they enhance the garment?

CREATIVITY AND/OR AUTHENTICITY_: Is the garment a successful 
reproduction of a documented Period original or an equally successful 
creative interpretation of documental Period garment types? To what 
degree has the entrant creatively adapted materials, techniques and 
tools in the construction of the garment?

MEC Helps & Hints:
*If you bring a mannequin bring a floor covering of some kind.

*jewelry and accessories are not included

* When indicating which is your item give a specific definition so the 
judges are sure to know it is your item

* We will have slips of paper (with your number) for you to attach to 
your garment....use them.

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