[Artemisia] Glory

Jessi Boyer jaboyer at cableone.net
Mon Dec 22 22:16:58 CST 2003

It seems to me- and keep in mind that I am merely a Twae Linnen
Simpleton- that if we wanted to establish an inter-kingdom War with the
Outlands that we could use a large event that we already have
established and make the Outlands officially a major player in an event
they already come to... like... Uprising?
Just a thought...

Jessi Boyer

> Well, since my last post, I have heard that An Tir is having a bit of
> scheduling problem, since there is a large and much beloved
> event that they already hold on that weekend, and not everyone wants
> give it up. (An Tir/West War is as important to many An Tirans as
> is to Artemisians, so as you can imagine, a decision to cancel it
would be
> really controversial there.)  So for the moment, negotiations have
> delayed.  If a time comes when all three kingdoms sort out all the
> and a final agreement is made, I have no doubt that all of Artemisia
> be called upon to help make it happen, and the word will be widely
> Right now we don't have any true interkingdom events with the
> although many of us attend Glory and an ever larger number of
> attend Uprising every year.  I think it would be wonderful to start an
> interkingdom event with the Outlands, but that too would take a lot of
> work and negotiations.  Meanwhile, Glory is a wonderful event, and
> the long drive.
> Take care,
> Ellen

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