[Artemisia] Freon and carpet

Dame Rachel (Thaya Shaeffer) damethaya at yahoo.com
Tue Dec 30 08:11:02 CST 2003

OK as you are all fessing up....


Mine was a blue, teal and green burbur short plush, with the colored side facing in, spray painted white on the carpet back (which was the outside of the amour), with a sort of sir coat over.  (I say sort of as I have since come to learn what a true sir coat should be).  The helmet was also a blue Freon can covered in red spray paint which did not stick completely.  There were always a few flecks of blue showing through in tiny spots.  To really be complete I had some hockey shin guards with sports elbows and knees.  I also had a kidney belt, and a foam neck brace for upper spine protection.


How none of us were ever permanently paralyzed I will never know.  The amour requirements have changed and are now more strict, since then, (and far more attractice) which is all for the better IMHO both for safety and looks.



Dame Rachel


"Wm. Kyle" <kyle1axman at qwest.net> wrote:
Mine was white shag as a surcoat with a blue freon can....

I didn't get to fight at burro creek, I was too young by Caid 
standards. But It was a fun event.

William Kyle of the WIlderness

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