[Artemisia] Re: Looking for Casamira's email address

drchelm no1home at onewest.net
Tue Dec 7 23:05:02 CST 2004

This brief commercial break is brought to you by The Therasia Von Tux 
Divorce Court and Casamira Search Institute Trust

Oh, now El Hermoso Dormiendo tells me, Mistress Casamira, that you gave 
him your email address on the phone earlier this evening.  Don't worry, 
I'm over my fit of pique at him, now that I emailed the whole fool 
kingdom looking for your email address that he already had in the house 
all this time...  I will send you the cooking info forthwith if you 
choose to use it or be inspired by it for this week-end.  I just got in 
some fresh oranges and will be getting cherries tomorrow to play with 
for the subtlety and the pomagranite syrup is coming along nicely.  
Wish I had some of your rose water here though - I could do really evil 
things with it...  Oh well.  So much for plotting on the feast stuff 
for this week-end.  Now it's time to plot my revenge on poor poor El 
Hermoso Dormiendo, who's not going to be feeling very hermoso once I'm 
done with him this evening.  (The whimpering sound you hear is him, 
cowering already in the corner...  You see, I know where he's ticklish  
 >;-)  (the hysterical laughter you hear is me, heh heh heh...)

Therasia von TortureThePoorSeanCleirech;-)

we now return you to your regularly scheduled, normally unsadistic 
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