[Artemisia] Re: Looking for Casamira's email address

HL Isabeau de Sevingy badsquire at yahoo.com
Wed Dec 8 06:00:00 CST 2004

El Hermoso Dormiendo <ElHermosoDormido at dogphilosophy.net> wrote:Help?.....

El Hermoso Dormiendo, poor dumb beast of burden (and quite a burden it is...)

You're on your own. Next weeks are finals and I'm redoscovering exactly how... ummmm... intense, yah that's it, INTENSE geologists (and geology students) can get when faced with a deadline and are under stress. The people I feel most for right now are you and my darling, patient, tolerance, saint of a husband. 
Yes folks, you heard it here first, by the time I get through the first semester, Kyle will have performed his first miracle, by the time I'm done with undergrad, his second and by the time I finally get through grad school, Kyle will be done with the third, cannonized and sainted. 
St Alan with finally have a buddy.
Off to my last day of lectures before finals,


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