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Redhawk sca_redhawk at yahoo.com
Wed Dec 8 14:43:38 CST 2004

i agree with Gefjon.  i feel we have enought events going on.  every weekend there is an event and we, (myself and lord) have to pick and choose which ones to attend.  here in stan wyrm we have an extremely small core group that does most of the work.  after an event most of our group pack up their dishes and leave not staying to help clean up.  i noticed that this past weekend yule.  if the the event is over by 10:30-11, the better for me.  this past weekend there was only 3 of us that helped do any kitchen clean up and i can tell you i am still tired. btw, thank you grimmy and my good lord wulf for helping me.
at camping events, things happen at the same time so i often have to be in 3 or 4 different places all at the same time.  so i like things a little more un-structured.  
just my 2 cents as well

Sondra Gibson <sgibson at edulog.com> wrote:
I would have to agree with Gregory about the camping events. 

Also, my 2 cents - I don't know about the other groups in Artemisia, but I
know that the 'core' group of people who can be counted on to work on/at
events is not so very large in BSK. I don't think that stretching ourselves
even thinner by trying to do even more events is the answer. I sometimes
think there are too many events for our smaller groups to try to support
without wearing out our willing workers. 

As far as how late the events run - camping events are *great* in that folks
have the whole night (or several nights) to socialize or do what ever they
choose. (and if need be dinner dishes *can* be done in the morning) Indoor
one day events are a different story. I think I can safely say that no one
in our group wants to be cleaning a hall at 2 in the morning, any more.
That is the reason many of our events end by 10:30 or 11 pm. 

I would agree that some events can become *too* structured. I like an
offering of activities, but when you feel like you have to watch the clock
all day in order to be where you *need* to be, the chance for those special
moments decreases. ( I will say that one of my most special moments occurred
at Estrella - mid afternoon on a battlefield, so I guess I don't fit the
early morning or late evening pattern)


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> Let me go out on a limb here and guess that the overwhelming majority
> of "magic" happens at camping events. If so, that skews the logic a
> bit.
> Gregory
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