[Artemisia] Event Thoughts

caointiarn caointiarn1 at juno.com
Thu Dec 9 18:03:07 CST 2004

>Lord Adric reminisced:  and that is why I absolutely   LOVED Woodland War,
and EVERYONE said "when can we do THIS again"  It has happened only  once,
and is my favorite local event.<

>>Three solutions that strike me as pretty clear -- more events, longer
events, less structured events. Regards, Niccolo<<

    It strikes me as "odd" that people  want more events, when the ones
already scheduled are sparsely attended.  The Kingdom Arts & Sciences
Exhibition did not break even because the gate was less than 75 people.
Yet here was a good opportunity for talking, catching up with old friends  &
smoozing the day away.  Unless you were pressed into service to judge,  the
whole day was there. {Sister Mary Pelican says: if everyone did one small
task, then everyone could spend the majority of the day in play}

    Crown Tournaments have been just as woefully neglected.  32 entrants?
There are many more knights than that in Artemisia!   And many  many more
squires and hopefuls.

Any event can be unstructured so long as you do not commit yourself to being
at a certain place at a certain time.   Traveling to events means the
"event" can begin the minute your car leaves the driveway  --  listen to a
book tape, singing songs,  getting that hem sewn.  It's all in the mind set.
I HATE rushing to an event!  I want to enjoy the experience/anticipation of
getting there. Then, the return drive is spent recapturing the best of the
day(s) you have experienced.

More events may be better for the higher populated areas, and I understand
the mileage can seem so isolating, but that  is not the best solution for us
smaller branches.

Stirring the Pot once again,

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