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I have to agree with Morgan here.  we really do need to reduce the amount of events.  i know some of the MT shires are down to two.  I really feel each shire should have an A&S event and then possibly one or two other events.  I don't like to have to pick and chose either, which ones to attend.  and if it involves a montain pass in the winter, or a big pass, yikes.
in looking at the 2005 calender, i am amazed at how many events there are.  feb almost has none.  i feel volunteerinly giving up an event, would bring more folks to the events each group has and two, cost each group less money to have so many events.
red's 2 cents

Morgan Wolf <morganwolf at sofast.net> wrote:

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> It strikes me as "odd" that people want more events, when the ones
> already scheduled are sparsely attended. The Kingdom Arts & Sciences
> Exhibition did not break even because the gate was less than 75 people.
> Yet here was a good opportunity for talking, catching up with old friends
> smoozing the day away. Unless you were pressed into service to judge,
> whole day was there. {Sister Mary Pelican says: if everyone did one small
> task, then everyone could spend the majority of the day in play}
> Crown Tournaments have been just as woefully neglected. 32 entrants?
> There are many more knights than that in Artemisia! And many many more
> squires and hopefuls.
> More events may be better for the higher populated areas, and I understand
> the mileage can seem so isolating, but that is not the best solution for
> smaller branches.
> Stirring the Pot once again,
> Caointairn

Let me preface this by saying this is MY PERSONAL OPINION, and does not
reflect either of my offices or the opinions of my Baron and Baroness.

Having said that, the lovely and talented Maistresse brings up a very valid
point, one I have been mulling for some months. Quite simply, the mundane
facts of travel, at least in Northern Artemisia ( I still like "Via
Prolissima") mean that having 3 or 4 events in one month in this area
require us to pick and choose, which really restricts our opportunities to
go South. In fact, I am at this point (and please understand that I once
again stress this is just my opinion) *considering* recommending at the next
convocation that all of the Northern groups (it just rolls so nicely off the
tongue- Via Prolissima) *voluntarily* reduce the number of events we're
holding, to encourage more travel.

Once again, just my own, humble, personal opinion.


p.s. Baron Niccolo, thanks for the vote of confidence, but I am landlocked,
no ship here.

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