[Artemisia] Event Thoughts

FactorOfSurprise at aol.com FactorOfSurprise at aol.com
Sat Dec 11 03:20:41 CST 2004

On the subject of traveling to events I'd have to say that my general lack of 
travel has to do alot with... um, erm, well the fact that I don't own a car.  
BUT outside of that fact, given that carpooling is an option, etc, out of 
area events largely center on whether I can get the work off at a coordinating 
time.  Cutting down the number of events is far more likely to drop the one 
event my schedule miraculously was going to let me attend rather than get me to 
attend a greater percentage of away events.

As far as magic moments at events - I find myself to be the kind of person 
who doesn't tend to have the moments where I actually find myself believing I'm 
in the middle ages - or at least, I haven't yet.  My kind of magic moment is 
where I find myself truly enjoying the moment at hand - like marching in ranks 
with my fellow Terra Sylvans at Woodland Wars, singing our Battle Anthem 
(Curse in fear, Lord Azir, Azure will do as he will dare!) only to come around a 
bend and find the classic branch across the pathway...  Or singing 'Hey, Ho, 
Nobody's Home' with my friends in a corner of the kitchen at a Gryphon's Lair 
event.  My magic moments have more to do with people willing to whole-heartedly 
enjoy the game, and make the most of whatever's at hand then anything else.  

Bijou de Fontane

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