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M'Lord Ambrosios Hellines ambrosios at crystalcrags.org
Sat Dec 11 20:09:49 CST 2004

Jusa  quick thought - while all of us like the lack of mundane items and such at events, we also hate being the one to point it out, what i've always called the "Period Police".  It's no fun to say, even to a newbie, anything they are doing is wrong in any way.  And it's definatly no fun, esp as a newbie, to have somebody tell you that you're in error.  After all, we're a social group,. and that's no way to be social.  When i was in far southern artemisia, it was almost taken for granted that you would see mundane items at feasts and events, which is prob why not a lot of my personal "magic moments" happened there.  However, I have been lucky enuff to have joined a group that had a solution for mundane items and talk, without embarresessing or alienating anybody.

The Crystal Crags Plague Bone - Simpe idea, great application - one person has the plague bone - if they catch sombody very apparently using unneeded mundanity at an event, they get to pass it off.  One with the plague bone is shunned by others (ooohhh, look out, the Mundane Plague!!!!)  and the only way to get rid of it, why, you catch another doing exactly what you did to catch it.

This has turned what was once an awkward situation into a fun contest to stay as period as possable.  Even to the point our own seneschal HL Willum "died" from the plague last Barbarian Bash, with appropriate eulogies (Tho I can't recall if Sir Kian or Sir Ion took his boots)

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