[Artemisia] RE: Magic Moments

leishman10 at juno.com leishman10 at juno.com
Sun Dec 12 12:18:06 CST 2004

While still struggling to understand what 'the dream' is all about... and
trying to identify what a 'magic moment' means... I can only say that
those moments to me that are magic are those in which others are willing
to share their time and talents with me and with others.  Whether that be
teaching, performing, or displaying your skill,  and whether that  occurs
through a master or novice doesn't really matter, it's the willingness to
allow others to join into your circle of knowledge and skill  that makes
all the difference. 

Teaching does not have to occur in a classroom type setting, although I
cannot say thank you enough to those persons willing to teach classes at
the various collegiums and A&S gatherings (I only wish I could attend
them all)... I have gathered many snippets of instruction by watching
others work, asking questions about what they are doing, and at times
getting some impromptu hand's on... also by listening to those
performing....these are the moments that spark my desire to do more and
learn more and become a more active participant... and who knows... one
of these days, you might actually find me turning in my sneekers for a
pair of handmade shoes ;0)

So, my hats off to those persons who make my attendance at an event more
memorable and may I also do the same for you and/or your children.

In service

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