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Well, on the subject of holding events at hotels, and the subsequent death of off-board feasting, I seem to recall this being somehting that happened because we didn't have the time to book the cool halls with the early entry hours and the late closing times and the "eat what you want" food rules.

However, the steps forward have been made to thwart these cousins of Titivilius. We now plan out our events a bit farther in advance to give our Event Stewards the opportunity to get the cool sites and not have to settle for what they can get in the twoo weeks before the event. We have already seen a return to off-board feasting here in Arn Hold as recently as the Feast of Lorelei, and I've seen folks at 1000 Eyes events able ro eat on site without getting the feast. The trick is to make sure we *choose* to do that instead of just ducking out to the Elmer's on the corner.

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