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What a delightful and wonderful report of the day. Thank you. And,
congratulations to all who received recognitions.

On Tue, 14 Dec 2004 20:08:03 +0000 Ravenmacleod at comcast.net writes:
> Wow! What a ride.
> As far as I could tell all had a great time at Loch Salann’s Winter 
> Solstice Court. 
> There was a games tournament that really bent our brains as we had 
> to adjust to a more period version of the rules for games that many 
> of us are quite familiar with. I know that I was bested in a rather 
> hotly contested bout withy a young lady who’s name escapes me at the 
> writing of this missive. Additionally I am unable to recall the 
> victor of the games tournament sound did not carry well in the hall 
> making it difficult to hear what was being said when his lordship 
> James of Penmore made his announcement. As far as I can tell the 
> tournament was highly enjoyable. Our thanks to His Lordship James 
> for his efforts to fill our day with learning and enjoyment.
> While I was sequestered in the corner of the hall working on the 
> promissory scroll for Artemisia’s newest peer of the realm Mistress 
> Malkin of Otherhill noble Squire to Sir Michael the Lucky of 
> Lancaster. I was treated to the delightful blessing of hearing the 
> Musicians Guild of Loch Salann note waft majestically throughout the 
> hall. I found it particularly beautiful when they were joined by the 
> soft angelic voices that sang some of my favorite carols. We also 
> enjoyed a visit from Father Christmas though he was dressed quite 
> strangely, and a quick mummer by the children that were in 
> attendance that day.
> There was a marzipan subtlety contest sponsored by Mistress Casamira 
> which produced delights that were not only pleasing to the eye but a 
> delight for the palate. Speaking of the sense of taste. Mistress 
> Casamira and her kitchen crew deserver high regard as they; Mistress 
> Casamira, Mistress Margaret, m’Lady Hildegard, Her Ladyship Sajah, 
> Mistress Rachel Ashton and too many others for me to draw readily to 
> mind produced on of the more memorable feasts of my time in these 
> current middle ages. Each dish served by the peers of Artemisia was 
> hot and flavorful. 
> During dinner we enjoyed a wonderful Bardic Competition that was not 
> completed as time was drawing short, the competition will be 
> revisited at Loch Slann’s Baronial Collegium on the 29th of January. 
> During the sampling of the competition; a poem written by His 
> Lordship James and a song by Lady Amanda De Spencer leap eagerly to 
> mind. During the performances a subtlety prepared by the kitchen 
> crew was presented to the Royal Court it was something to look upon 
> indeed.
> After the fabulous repast m’lord Lance and m’lord Odfa and again too 
> many others for my mind to recall cleared the tables and moved the 
> chairs to prepare court.
> During court m’lady Bieju was recognized with an Award of Arms. Lady 
> Bethoc was recognized as a Pillar of Artemisia as was Lord Adric 
> Legot. Malkin of Otherhill was made a member of the honorable order 
> of the Pelican. Baron Don Dietrich was sent on vigil to be added to 
> the most noble order of the Pelican. Sir Michael the Lucky of 
> Lancaster was made a member of the order of the Crystal Heart a 
> personal service award in the barony of loch Salann also recognized 
> with this award was Lord Jean Richard de Halloway. I personally was 
> made a member of the order of the Crystal of the Salt Wastes an 
> order recognized for exemplarily service to the Barony of Loch 
> Salann. 
> After court Her Ladyship Sajah swore an oath of fealty  to Baroness 
> Rachel Aston as her protégé. And many of the event attendees worked 
> feverishly to clean up the site among those of note, lord Bjarki who 
> also hosted a heralds consulting table, Her Ladyship Thea our sable 
> plume who held a scribal table in addition to her other endeavors 
> m’lord Michael those members of Hold Tyte and Barony Ashton that 
> were still there.
> I was greatly inspired by the happenings this day!
> Humbly yours,
> HL Raven MacLeod
> Seneschal, Loch Salann
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> > 
> > Well, on the subject of holding events at hotels, and the 
> subsequent death of 
> > off-board feasting, I seem to recall this being somehting that 
> happened because 
> > we didn't have the time to book the cool halls with the early 
> entry hours and 
> > the late closing times and the "eat what you want" food rules. 
> > 
> > However, the steps forward have been made to thwart these cousins 
> of Titivilius. 
> > We now plan out our events a bit farther in advance to give our 
> Event Stewards 
> > the opportunity to get the cool sites and not have to settle for 
> what they can 
> > get in the twoo weeks before the event. We have already seen a 
> return to 
> > off-board feasting here in Arn Hold as recently as the Feast of 
> Lorelei, and 
> > I've seen folks at 1000 Eyes events able ro eat on site without 
> getting the 
> > feast. The trick is to make sure we *choose* to do that instead of 
> just ducking 
> > out to the Elmer's on the corner. 
> > 
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