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Just a note, the first Crown Brion took was in a final round with Master 
Bogar Solarari.
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>    Well met!
>    After reading so many excellent posts and discussions, it would be a
>shame to misquote anybody, so I'm just snipping everything!!  But
>Vivat!!! to everyone on their thoughts, and thanks to Baron Niccolo for
>starting stuff!!
>    Now, some (good) magic anecdotes of my own:
>     Hearing 'Burden of the Crown' and 'Welcome to the Current Middle Ages'
>sung at my first camping event;  held around a campfire in a high
>school football field.
>     Finishing my first piece of garb.  A T-tunic made of cheap broadcloth.
>     Experiencing Mistress Rhonwen perform field heraldry inside a concrete
>bunker in the day at the first Crown Tournament His Grace Brion
>Tarragon won in a final with Sakura no-kami Maikeru Sama.
>     Sitting with Rhonwen and her lord Aelfric later and having her teach
>me some elements of field heraldry.
>     Seeing the His Majesty Thorfinn walk through the hall decorations at
>Arn Hold's 10th birthday event.
>     Getting woozy while open casting the site tokens for that same event.
>But being really pleased with how they came out.
>     Having my first kill in the open field battle at Estrella.
>     Trying on my first set of armor.
>     Arriving at Pennsic in the middle of a dry thunderstorm, and truly
>feeling what having 10,000 SCA folk in one place means.
>     Getting to talk to Master Chirhart after 10 years and arranging to
>camp with him at Pennsic, on the phone.
>     Walking down the aisle to be offered my Pelican by Alan and Corisande
>at Their Coronation, escorted by my lady Mistress Els and her Grace
>     Soothing my two month old son in the car outside, while Alan and
>Corisande tell my lady, Mistress Els, and Her Grace Anna to go fetch
>me to Their Court.  You see, he wanted Mommy, but Mommy was up in
>Court, so I took him out so Their Majesties could do their thing,
>without a very very noisy baby.
>     I have more, but that's enough. There are two common threads here,
>First, it doesn't take an event for something magic to happen.
>Because if you look, for every magic thing that happened at an event,
>there was something outside of an event that was just as magic as the
>thing that happened at the event.
>     Second, for all of them, I was there; I was participating.  It's not a
>matter of more or fewer events, at least for me.  It's a matter of
>doing things so I can have the magic happen when I'm there.
>     Magic isn't something you can bottle and sell.  That's why it's magic.
>  Magic is something you experience.  And, magic is different for each
>of us.  I love filk songs; they make magic for me.  But I also have
>good friends for whom a filk song destroys any possibility of magic.
>How do we resolve that?  By accepting that magic does not, can not be
>the same for all of us, and the only way we can all experience magic
>is to play without worrying if the magic will happen.
>     It will.  In its own time, not ours. But ya gotta play, and keep 
>     thanks everyone; after 20+ years, the SCA is still a place I want to
>play in.
>     brendan
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