[Artemisia] Spoiling? the Magic

caointiarn caointiarn1 at juno.com
Sat Dec 18 10:13:17 CST 2004

Celeste de Lazure wrote:
> at my first real event at a wonderful field by Idaho falls years ago, I
wore gold thongs, a long skirt and a blouse that was period. A woman made
the comment " You can always tell the newbies."
> > I was embarrased but thought she was just being snotty. <

> Earc replied:
No, that was just being snotty, IMHO.  There are those in this game who
think only of themselves as they are  now in the Society, <after>  years of
experience,  and forget that they were once a  newbie too. Sometimes, they
need to be reminded. Forcefully, if needed.<

Not to justify someone being cruel or patronizing;  but I can see myself
making the same comment, with a broad smile, beause of the wide-eyed wonder,
the self-concious enthusiasm, and the interpetation of "pre-17th century
clothing."   Then inviting them to join me in my activities, or ask
questions, or just tell them about what's happening  -- if they want more

Without context (being there) we shouldn't be vilifying a woman's comment.
Celeste was embarrassed, and thought the the woman was being snotty.   But I
noticed she is still part of us.  That's the good part  -- I am sure we all
have embarassing moments when we were learning about this organization.
Moreover she and all of us have learned to balance the insignificant of the
"snotty" (and worse)  with the magic and wonder that makes this activity so


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