[Artemisia] Spoiling the Magic

tangl tangl at myway.com
Sun Dec 19 11:40:17 CST 2004

Hey, that's why my garb is always available for newcomer use. If no one is going to knock it while on MY personage, then they DANG sure ain't gonna get snotty when a newcomer dons it.

I actually had 5 days to make garb for a lady litterally half my size right before Uprising. And we ain't talkin' a days worth of garb, we're talkin' the whole event. The biggest compliment I got was when she came back to the encampmwent and told me people were bowing to her. When she inquired why they were all bowing to her, they told her that, judging from her garb, she was clearly a Baroness, minimum.

Personally, I think she just carries herself well. 

Maitresse Tanglwyst de Holloway
Barony of Arn Hold
Kingdom of Artemisia

-If you can't be a good example, at least you can be a horrible warning.~ Catherine

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