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Thu Dec 23 13:02:14 CST 2004

Middle Eastern War VI, The new beginning

May 13th - 15th 
2005"Now that We have re-claimed these land for the Kingdom of Artemisia, the Barony of Loch Salnn and Shire of Arrows Flight! We charge thee, gentle knights of the realm, to stand with us and defend our lands. From those who may invade this area of the Kingdom where our Shire lies. It is time to rejoice and celebrate with us. Come and join us, from May 13th through May 15th 2005, that we may prove our worth upon the battlefield."Event will be held at the old castle/amphitheater at the top of Center Street in Provo Utah. Take your best route on I-15 to the east bound center street (exit 268) in Provo. Not Orem! Follow the road all the way to the east end of center street at the Seven Peaks turn off stay right all the way to the top. Signs will be posted to lend you aid.Restaurant, fast food and hotel accommodations are very close. We like to party at the "Village Inn." Crash space is available for those who don’t wish to camp on site.Site Fee:$12:00, 6-12 year old $6.00, under 6
 free. (Add $3.00 for non members)Day fee:$8.00, 6_12 year old $4.00, under 6 Free (Add $3.00 for non members)Feast fee:$7.00, 6_12 year old $3.50, under 6 Free **Feast reservation are due by May 4th** Heavy Fighter Competitions: Round Robin, Castle Defenders, Last Man Standing and Light Weapon Competitions. Rapier Competitions: Rapier War and Rapier Round Robin Boffer Competitions: Boffer Round Robin and Boffer Last Man StandingArchery Competition: Range, Bag Shoot and Stuffy ShootA&S Competition: Anything Goes. Finished in progresses (Anything you would like to display, wood working, arrows, paintings, as well as needlework, candle making, armor, etc. If you made it, we’d love to see it.) Prizes will be awarded!Classes in: Belly Dancing, Bobbin Lace, Brewing, Arrow making and whatever else anyone expresses an interest in or is willing to teach.(If you are willing to teach a class or just have a suggestion please call or email.)Dancing Competition: Belly Dancing Amateur and Pro
 ..Merchants Row: If you want to sell it, bring it here. Merchant fee: donation from your wares.Bag Raffle: Any donation would be appreciated, so please give. It will show how much you appreciate the volunteers' efforts to make this an enjoyable event.VOLUNTEERS NEEDED: Sheriffs, water bearers, judging, instructors, Troll assistance, WHATEVER! Just come and HELP! We won’t say no. (Tickets will be given for the volunteers raffle.)Autocrat: Matthew Morgon (Robert Shepherd) 801- 377-7858 or email at matthewmorgon at yahoo.comCo-Autocrat - Silk ( Lady Shyeleen Ileise Leticia Kirkpatrick ) ( Nancy Court-Ryan )R.S.V.P. ~ Matthew Morgon ( Robert Shepherd ) 801-377-7858, or matthewmorgon at Yahoo.com ( Let us know that you are coming, Merchanting at the event, want to teach a class, bringing a group who wish to camp together, or whatever.)For those who wish to merchant, please contact Merchant AutocratLady Bronwyn Y Cardigan(Chana Briggs) 266 S 300 W . Provo, UT, 84601 (801) 377-1379Feast autocrat
 Lord Bjorn inn Mikli (Cliff Johnson)
Ph: 801- 358 - 5623Please Take NoteThere is a Pond at this event so Please watch your children

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