[Artemisia] Farewell to 12th Night

John Gibson scjd at poboxes.com
Mon Dec 27 23:24:08 CST 2004

The short Version:
Please come to the Barony of One Thousand Eyes for Farewell to 12th Night
January 15, 2005 at the American Legion Hall in Blackfoot.  And bring your
Rapier Gear, I will have a real cool prize for the overall best rapier
fighter in the tournament.  See
www.uprisingwar.org/bote/events/farewell_to_12th_night.htm for all the

Lord John Gilson, HUH?
Locksmith, Baroness's Musketeer,
Provost & GU Black Wing Company,
Rapier Marshal, Barony of One Thousand Eyes, Artemisia

The LONG Version:
Farewell to 12th Night, A "Late Period Event"

January 15th 2005   -   American Legion Hall - Blackfoot, ID

Come to this late period event with related classes planned as well as a
Rapier Tournament to determine the new Captain of Her Excellency's
Musketeers.  The current Captain has been looking a bit sick, and we need a
strong person to lead her personal defensive forces, especially in case she
requires their services to defend her against His Excellency.  Since the New
Captain must reside in the Barony, there will be a separate prize for the
Tournament's overall winner.  This prize may be announced in the future, I
haven't decided.

The Tournament will be a Triple Elimination, Rapier Weapons Limited style,
and may be fought in a lightning fashion.  Of course Her Excellency will be
able to modify rules on her own whim (say limiting a fighter to dagger
only), but withstanding that the Tournament will proceed as follows.  All
entrants of the list must show proficiency with a musket prior to the
beginning of the Tournament.  Those with no deaths will fight single point,
under 36" blade.  Those with one death will fight any Artemisian legal point
and non-offensive secondary.   Those with two deaths will fight any
Artemisian legal rapier form.  First round, double kill is dead, after that,
first kill is re-fought, second, well dead is dead.  Lightning Option's use
will depend upon time constraints, but for those unfamiliar, it works as
follows.  When a match is over, the next pair have 30 seconds to be in the
arena and ready to fight, or they forfeit the bout, loss counting as a
death.  If needed a final round will be fought by the highest placing
non-residents of One Thousand Eyes for Top Standing.  The final two
residents will fight a best 2 out of 3, Baroness Adelheid chosen weapon
forms.  (Just be happy Her Excellency is choosing and not me, I like forms
like Cloak and Dagger, and Double Daggers.)

Besides the fighting you can expect gaming, classes, and of course dancing.
Our wonderful baronial musician's guild has agreed to play live at the event
(BTW, They would like to play more than just for dancing, in as Tad put it,
a more period style.  This will be arranged with them playing at different
times in the day for the entertainment of all.).  Mistress Tanglewyst has
agreed to teach a class on flirting in the SCA.  Lt. Catlinn Cheredame has
also agreed to teach a class called "The Measure of a Man".   I also have a
tentative promise from Baron Niccolo, thought we haven't decided what he
will teach yet, and it depends on his new work schedule.

Site will be dry, unless the site managers open their bar (which they will
allow you to use in that case provided what you buy is drank in it.), but
you still can't bring your own.

A Feast is being made by Lord Rikker the Grey.  Feast fee is $7.00 Adults,
$3.50 Children.   Menu:
    Leek Soup
    Guinness Beef (Really Good!)
    Roasted Roots
    Gingerbread & Whipped Cream
Please send your Feast Prepayment/Registrations to:
m'Lady Helen Might de Gunthorpe    (Sarah Eveland)
1659 Syringa
Pocatello, ID 83201
(208) 235-4273

Site fees are $5.00 Adults (Add $3  for Non-Member Surcharge if applicable)
                    $2.50 Ages 6-15; Under 6 Free

Crash space is available, contact me or their Excellencies.

So plan on being there for what plans to be a wonderful time.

Event Steward (for the forth year running): Lord John Gilson, HUH?
scjd at poboxes.com    208-478-9089
845 Barton Rd TRLR 10 - Pocatello, ID 83204-1830

Site:  American Legion Hall  Blackfoot, Idaho

>From the North - On I-15 take exit 93 and turn left. Follow the road. (It
becomes Judicial fairly quickly. There are many twists and curves in this
road but don't turn off and you will be ok.) Continue merrily forward. (If
you try to go straight you'll hit a building!) Eventually you will come to
an intersection with W. Main Street. Turn Left. Go ~3 blocks (Alice) and
turn right. Go up Alice until you get to Fisher and turn left. About 2
blocks up, on your right will be a yellow/gray, stone building. There are
two big navy guns on the lawn. You really can't miss it!

(If taking the Old Highway from Idaho Falls: Turn left at Alice St. go up to
Fisher from there. See above directions.)

>From the South - On I-15 take exit 89 and turn left. Follow the road to the
third traffic light (Alice) and turn right. Go across the train tracks and
up several blocks. Turn Left on Fisher. About 2 blocks up, on your right
will be a yellow/gray, stone building. There are two big Navy guns on the
lawn. You really can't miss it!
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