[Artemisia] Crown Lyst Questons

Erik Joramo niall_logan at fencer.sca.org
Mon Oct 4 06:43:47 CDT 2004

The following was taken from the Kingdom law Posted at http://artemisia.sca.org/law.htm :
The requirements to enter and to be represented in the Crown Lists are as follows:
  1. To fulfill the requirements as stated in Corpora.

  2. To have resided within the Kingdom of Artemisia for twelve months and to have been active in the SCA for the twelve months before the Crown Tournament. The Crown may request a letter of intent to be submitted to them at least two months prior to the Crown Tournament.

  3. To remain residents in the Kingdom throughout their tenure and reign.

  4. To familiarize themselves with Corpora and Kingdom Law and to be willing to swear on their honor that, should they win, they believe themselves to be competent to hold the Crown of Artemisia.

  5. To be at least eighteen years of age.

  6. Must have a regular means of quick communication, dependable transportation, and sufficient income to support the Crown should they win. 

  7. To be acceptable unto the Crown of Artemisia.

  8. The unbelted combatant must have a belted fighter willing to speak for him/her at the time of the Crown List

  Lord Niall Logan
  Seneschal for Stan Wyrm

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