[Artemisia] Crown Lyst Questons

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Actually Isabeau, the size of the wooden shield for the rounds is 3"x5" but 
that is somewhat incidental. A very nice and informative letter for our new 

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>Then TRM have historically set down other requirements prior to the Crown 
>they are hosting. These are usually aimed at aiding preparation and 
>pagentry and are always posted in the event announcement, well in advance. 
>The past reigns have required a letter of intent by a certian date and a 
>banner for the presentation of the combatants and their consorts. TRM 
>currently have required the same on both counts, in addition, they will 
>have a shield tree to follow the progress of the rounds. Each combatant is 
>bringing a small (4"x5"?) wooden shield for this purpose. The design 
>specifications for this was posted somewhere around here and someone had a 
>bunch of blanks.
>While the mailing deadline for letters of intent is well past, if you 
>missed it, I would encourage you to make the drive anyhow. It's a great 
>opportunity to see and be seen, get to know your new kingdom and for 
>heavens sake, bring your armour, there are always pick-up fights to be had 
>at a Crown!
>Erik Joramo <niall_logan at fencer.sca.org> wrote:
>The following was taken from the Kingdom law Posted at 
>http://artemisia.sca.org/law.htm :
>The requirements to enter and to be represented in the Crown Lists are as 
>1. To fulfill the requirements as stated in Corpora.
>2. To have resided within the Kingdom of Artemisia for twelve months and to 
>have been active in the SCA for the twelve months before the Crown 
>Tournament. The Crown may request a letter of intent to be submitted to 
>them at least two months prior to the Crown Tournament.
>3. To remain residents in the Kingdom throughout their tenure and reign.
>4. To familiarize themselves with Corpora and Kingdom Law and to be willing 
>to swear on their honor that, should they win, they believe themselves to 
>be competent to hold the Crown of Artemisia.
>5. To be at least eighteen years of age.
>6. Must have a regular means of quick communication, dependable 
>transportation, and sufficient income to support the Crown should they win.
>7. To be acceptable unto the Crown of Artemisia.
>8. The unbelted combatant must have a belted fighter willing to speak for 
>him/her at the time of the Crown List
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