[Artemisia] OT -- Contra Dance

Bruce Padget bapadget at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 4 08:23:15 CDT 2004

As some may recall, a Fat Italian of No Particular
Importance resolved never again to do GOOPy (that's
Grossly Out Of Period to you :D) dances in SCA

Of course, some dances were missed.  Believe it or
not, even by the afore-mentioned FIoNPI. 

For those of us who miss such dances, an opportunity
to do them in a proper context will come up on the
night of Saturday, October 16, at a Contra Dance in
South Salt Lake.

Contact me for more information.

Bruce Padget
(Mundane persona of Niccolo, who never heard of a
"Contra Dance")
bapadget at yahoo.com

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