[Artemisia] Fighter Practice in Loch Salann

Andrea Waddell aravis at softcom.net
Tue Oct 5 16:47:40 CDT 2004

Just a quick reminder to everyone that Loch Salann fighter practice this 
week will be moving to our winter site.  It will again be at Kearns High 
School in the cafeteria.  The address is 5525 South Cougar Lane (4800 S.)
This week we will be holding the Kearns Knight Out demo.  This is a 
really fun demo and it's very important, because this is how we pay for 
our winter site.  We have usually held this demonstration in the main 
gym, however, they have told me that this year it will be in the small 
gym on the South end of the building.  Enter the school through the main 
doors on the west side, go down the hall on your right until you get to 
the double doors that go outside, go through the first set of doors and 
there is another hallway on your left, go down this hallway and it will 
lead directly into the small gym.   They asked that we do lots of 
fighting and less talking and explaining.  This demo is specifically for 
boys and their dads so, bring your projects and stuff for display, but 
we won't do a lot of talking about it.  They get restless when we talk. :)
So, come out to the demo, we'll have lots of fighting! :)

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