[Artemisia] artemisian moneyer stuff

drchelm no1home at onewest.net
Wed Oct 6 00:58:10 CDT 2004

For those of you not on the SCA moneyers list, this is a link on a 
horde of medieval money found in 2002 north of Paris that will be 
auctioned soon.  The virtue of the link is the excellent pictures of 
coins from the horde from the 11th and 12th centuries.  Some very good 
ideas for coin die punches can be gleaned here, for those of us who are 
currently working on that (hint, hint...I have 7 punches now, how's 
everyone else doing...?).  I have a first cut on a metal sheet mold - 
needs more sprues...  but it beats beating out the mini-ignots by hand. 
  Sean and I will have all our moneying toys at crown if anyone wants to 
play, assuming Sean and/or I can escape the tyrant...er, feast cook in 
the kitchen...  ;-)

here's the coin link:



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