[Artemisia] Spears

Jeff Webster red_belt at msn.com
Wed Oct 6 14:34:31 CDT 2004

Hey Vlad,
There are two that I have personally dealt with, both are good.
One is Mandrake Armory at: 
then look under the "weapons" tag on the left side. They come in 9 foot 
only, black or red fiberglass shafts.
The other one is Wyndsyngyr's War Gear (ebay store) at: 
They will sell you spears any length up to 20 ft. at 3 dollars a foot plus 
shipping. It will be good to go here if you want 10 footers or 12 footers.

Hope this helps,

(who is spear poor, I have 6)

>Anyone know a good source for fiberglass spears. We are looking to acquire 
>a few.
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