[Artemisia] Spears (longish and somewhat boring)

Ken and Mindy Wilson kenandmindy at cableone.net
Fri Oct 8 14:23:39 CDT 2004

There have been some very good points made here, and if *anyone* in this
kingdom would feel the effect of reducing the length back to 9', it would be
HL Thomas.
Not to speak for Sir Ronan, but it is my understanding that he is aware of
the issues surrounding communication of marshallate standards in the
kingdom, as well as the need to update the Marshallate Handbook. Before I
stepped down as his Combat Archery deputy, he and I had this conversation
because I was still trying to get the revised (in 2001) missile combat rules
inserted in the published Marshallate Handbook.
Conrad, why Pinto?

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From: "Chuck Heisler Jr." <conradvz at yahoo.com>
> Good points.  Communication in this kingdom could certainly be improved.
I'm trying to remember the announcements about this change to 9', because I
remember discussing it since uprising 2003.  I'm hoping the Earl Marshal
will respond.
> Sir Ronan?
> Conrad v Z

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