[Artemisia] Followup on Aethelwulf

HL Isabeau de Sevingy badsquire at yahoo.com
Sat Oct 9 14:36:25 CDT 2004

Your nerd-fu is weaker than mine!
Bwaaa haaa haaa haaaa haaaaaaa!
Well, um... actually using no nerd-fu what-so-ever, I can tell you that Aethelwulf is not in BLS, but rather living in St George, Ut. He moved there about a year and a half ago (maybe 2?)
As for no follow-ups, bank on it being travel time, because he's at Crown as far as I know.
(stuck at home, during fall break, working...*sigh*)

El Hermoso Dormiendo <ElHermosoDormido at dogphilosophy.net> wrote:
Every attempt to post a followup to the original thread has apparently
gotten lost...been trying for three days...

Quick followup - I've still gotten no replies on this matter, so I've applied
some nerd-fu[1] and fiat.

Nerd-fu on the previous emails seems to indicate they are coming from
the Salt Lake City area, so I'm going to ASSUME "Barony of Loch Salann"
is the correct local group.

Without other input, I'm going with the "modernized plain" spelling
of the name in the OP, since that seems to be most likely the one
that people would try first when searching for this name. (Lord Aethelwulf - 
again if you prefer a different spelling, please let me know and I will
change it.)

There's a "bonus" followup question as well - two of Lord Aethelwulf's
awards are general-purpose "recognition of being good at something". While
it doesn't yet show up anywhere[2], the OP database does contain space to 
record what an award was "for". It's completely optional, but if Lord
Aethelwulf (or anyone else for that matter - the main reason I'm posting this
publically) WANTS this information recorded, I'd be very interested in
recording it. (Some examples - in the case of a fighting award, you 
might record the particular weapon form, style, and/or context [e.g.
tournament fighting vs. war fighting] that you are famous for. In the
case of an arts-n'-sciences award, you might want to record the field of 
endeavor - costuming, calligraphy, cooking, entrail-reading, etc. Service
awards might be "for", e.g. "Autocrat'ed the last 297 events for the
local group"...

Again, that last is entirely optional, but if enough people are interested
and willing to provide this kind of information with the awards, I will
be happy to make that information useful on the OP site.

Thanks, all

El Hermoso Dormiendo, nerd detective

[1] Actually, I think this should be more correctly written as "nerd kung",
but the usage of *-fu is more recognizeable.

[2] There is almost no information of this kind currently available in the
database, so there's not been much point in trying to show it yet. It 
is on the "Real Soon Now" list provided there is any interest in it.
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