[Artemisia] Twelfth Night in Gyrphon's Lair

Ken and Mindy Wilson kenandmindy at cableone.net
Sun Oct 10 11:46:12 CDT 2004

Good people of Artemisia, hear this exciting news!

The Shire of Gryphon's Lair is hosting a Twelfth Night celebration event on
January 8th, 2005.  In addition to an already eagerly-anticipated evening of
raucousness (fighting, A&S contests, feasting, etc.), we will be having our
own production of Shakespeare's Twelfth Night performed and produced by our
very own Artemisians, namely You.

Our show will be done in period costume (1601-ish) with period music and
period theatrical style.  There are so many ways to become involved!
Acting, costuming, dancing, illumination, set design, props, stage handling,
stage managing, etc. are all existing ways to participate.  But maybe you
have a special talent you'd like to include that hasn't been mentioned.  By
all means, bring it to the attention of the Autocrat, Father Robert, or the
Director, Jeanne Magdeleinge du Fouet.  Hachmood Karl Braden von Sobernheim
has agreed to lend his musical knowledge and direction to the production, so
if music is your specialty, please contact him to find out details.

Don't be intimidated by being involved in a Shakespearean play.  The time
constraints will have some flexibility, the period dialogue can be mastered
relatively easily, and the overall point of putting on this production is to
have fun, learn something, and to have another showcase for the immense
talent in our Kingdom.

And if you really can't commit to the production, then please pencil the
event into your calendar and show your support by attending on January 8th.
You need not be dressed in Renaissance garb to attend.


Auditions: Will be October 18th and 19th.  Announcement of the cast will be
on October 20th at fighter practice.  Have a classic monologue prepared (it
need not be memorized, nor comedic), but should not be from Twelfth Night.
Know that you may be asked to read something from Twelfth Night at the
auditions, which is why you need to prepare something from another
Shakespearean-era play.  NO FAKE ACCENTS.  If you can't make the auditions
but would really like to act, please contact Magdeleinge immediately.
Musicians will audition in November.

Rehearsals:  There will be a working rehearsal schedule drafted that will
not require all participants to be available at all rehearsals.  Conflicts
should be brought to Magdeleinge's attention as soon as possible in order to
make workable compromises for all involved.  Life happens, but it shouldn't
cost you your fun.

Expectations:  All actors should work towards being memorized early on.  All
participants should allow for the three weeks after Christmas to be very
concentrated on rehearsals and final production, and about 2-3 rehearsals a
week-depending on the role-until then.  Performers will be responsible for
their own garb, whether borrowed, bought, or made.

Contact info:

Autocrat:  Father Robert:  notfrmmars at comcast.net   801-458-2562

Director:  Jeanne Magdeleinge du Fouet:  jeannemagdeleinge at yahoo.com

A copy of the working script is available at:

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