[Artemisia] Kingdom A&S Nov. 06, 2004: Announcements

Julia Jackman-Brink julia.jackman-brink at umontana.edu
Tue Oct 12 11:56:40 CDT 2004

Greetings and Salutations!

I'd like to send a reminder that TRM Reinmar and Albreda did request 
letters of Intent from those who would compete for the title of Arts and 
Sciences Champion. That deadline is fast approaching!!!

Those planning on bringing items are asked to register their items with 
the Kingdom Officer so that appropriate judges and space can be 
obtained. Gentles who entered Gryphon's Prize back in May are still on 
the books and just need to reconfirm that they are bringing or not 
bringing those items to the Kingdom Competition.

Basic Registration for an item is:
Your name (SCA and Mundane)
Home Group
Description of your items w/Grand Category or Sub Category

I will take those via email until NOVEMBER 03, 2004.

If you are interested in judging or helping with the running of the 
competition please contact me. This is open to all regardless of 
experience. Being knowledgeable on a subject counts!


LIBRARY: It is our hope to have the mobile non-lending library available 
for people to use. If you have books or materials that you would be 
willing to share for the day, please bring them to the event. BE SURE TO 
KEEP A LIST OF YOUR TITLES or MARK YOUR BOOKS so you can get them back. 
Questions on this valuable resource or title requests, can be sent to 
the Kingdom Minister.

CLASSES: I have been asked if there will be classes! If anyone would 
like to volunteer to teach a course(any subject), please contact the 
event steward, Mistress Caointairn or myself to set those up.

That is all for this missive!
I'll send the full event announcement in another email.

Yours in Service;

Baroness Juliana nic Lachlainn,
Kingdom Minister for the Arts and Sciences

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