[Artemisia] Event Announcement: Kingdom A&S

Julia Jackman-Brink julia.jackman-brink at umontana.edu
Tue Oct 12 13:19:06 CDT 2004


The Shire of Bronzehelm is hosting the Kingdom Arts & Sciences
Exhibition on November 6th 2004.   All citizens of the Kingdom are
enthusiastically encouraged to attend, present and display their various
skills and talents.  From amongst all the participants, a Champion will
be chosen, representing the best of Artemisia.  On the following day,
there will be a War Practice for the army of Artemisia.

Their Royal Majesties request that all those competing for Champion send
a Letter of Intent to Them by October 15th, 2004 (postmark).

The site is the Congregational Church located at 300 N 27th Street.
There are stairs, and the site is not wheelchair friendly.  Site opens
at 8:30 AM, and will close at 11:00pm.  Court and judging will commence
at Their Majesties' convenience, and the Kingdom MOAS' direction.

Site fee will be $5.00 per person over 16 years of age, with proof of
membership, and $3.00 for those 6 to 16 years of age.  The surcharge for
non-members is $3.00

Directions: Take your best route to Billings MT.  From I-90 take 27th
Street exit (exit 450) and turn north into town. The church will be on
the left a few blocks past the railroad tracks. Turn onto 3rd Ave North
to access the parking behind the church.

 From Highway 3 (north of town) come into town as if going to the
airport. Take 27th Street (turn right) at the airport intersection. The
church will be on the right about a mile into town. Turn onto 3rd Ave
North to access the parking behind the  church.

  Crash Space is available by contacting m'Lady Gwenhwyvar {Jennifer
Nordwick} at  prrrrplkat at hotmail.com, OR  hjordierocks at hotmail.com

Hotel accommodations are available at the Dude Rancher Lodge, 405 North
29th  Street.   Room rate is $40.00 a night  -- mention that you are
with the SCA.  Phone: 406 259 5561

Kingdom fundraiser is a Tavern serving lunch & an early supper {hours
1200 - 1800 approximately}.   The menu is still being planned, offering
lunch and a light supper for $3 - 6.00.

We hope there is enough time after Evening Court for dancing!

Sunday's War Practice is at North Park.  From the site {27th Street},
take 4th Ave {a one way street} to 18th Street.  Turn LEFT, and at 6th
Ave {one way street} turn LEFT.  North Park is on the right hand side,
between 19th & 20th streets.   There is a parking lot off of 19th street.

Autocrat Team:
  Lady Isabeau Lia Rossedal {Jennifer Miller} isabeaumiller at yahoo.com
Lady Elizabetta Hams {Cathy Hannah} hijinx64 at hotmail.com or 406 256 0389
Lady Thorkatla Bjarnadottir  {Kathleen Gookin-Ford}	 406 256 2083
Maistress Caointiarn  {Karen Ostrowski}	 caointiarn1 at juno.com or 406 651

Kingdom MOAS:  Baroness Juliana nic Lachlainn {Julie E. Jackman-Brink
julia.jackman-brink at umontana.edu  or 406 549 4107

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