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Don't let the sniveling little snot get away with that.  I'd definitely
fight it.  Also, if you were injured during a firefighting incident, I would
look into the workmen's comp route.  You may be able to get something done
quicker going civilian.  Good luck, and I hope they can do something for


I have just had the most frustrating day.  I was told to report to the 
Department of Veterans Affairs in Salt Lake City for a Surgery to repair 
torn and damaged ligaments in my knee that were the result of an unfortuitus

landing at the Trout Creek Fire ... 15 months ago.  Part of my very cool job

involves workining as a Wild Land Fire Fighter.

The journey to the VA is 2.5 hours or 189 miles.

When I got there, I was told that the sugery had been cancelled.  The 
reasons given were all insults, delivered in an insulting tone by a lad 
young enough to date my daughter.

1) reconstruction is rarely recommended for patients over age 35.  (I will 
be 40 in February)

2) I have not had any kind of official pre-surgery therapy (of course, I run

2.5 miles in 30 min, three days a week, I lift weights three days a week, I 
swim recreationally with my children at least three days a week.   In 18 
months I have lost a total of 112 pounds.   None of this counts as 
presurgery therapy, and obviously none of this shows dedication to improving

my physical health either.

3) If I am not willing to undergo presurgery therapy ... then I obviously 
can not be trusted to follow through with post surgery therapy.

he also pointed out that the x-ray and MRI are almost a year old.  At that 
point I lost control of my facilities.  I informed him that the day those 
were read... I was added to the surgery schedule.  The reason the things are

so out of date is because it has taken 10 months to get a surgery date.

He indicates that because of my advanced age, the degenerative disease 
(aurthritus) in my knees likely precludes the possibility of reconstructve 

The jist was ... I should buck up and stop being a snivling old biddy.

The end result... Malkin is NOT having surgery tomorrow.

I would like to thank all those who send well wishes my way.  Your kind 
thoughts and prayers are very much appreciated.



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