[Artemisia] Illuminator from France coming to Cote du Ciel

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I have a little additional information on this from Master Jurgen.  
There are still three spots open for the workshop, if anyone is interested:

Jurgen wrote:

I just got off the phone with Karen Martin of the State Arts,  I
requested that Mr. Leray concentrate on the Medieval Arts and on mixing
your own pigments from minerals and plants and also on gilding.  I
thought that it would be bennificial to  have him do a workshop on upper
level SCA illumination techniques rather than the bacis or on stencil
which I'm sure he will cover anyway.

We are still set for 3:00 to 6:00 wed. 27th and the lecture from 3:30
to 9:00


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>Mr. Richard Leray, a master manuscript illuminator from Fontevraud
>l'Abbaye, France, will be giving a workshop on October 27th from
>3-6 PM in Roy High School in Roy, Utah (2150 West 4800 South).
>He will then perform a lecture from 6:30 - 9:00 PM on the history
>and practical use of Illumination, in the Little Theater at Roy High
>School. Mr Leray's visit to Roy has been organized by Jeff Lowe,
>better known in these circles as Master Jurgen von Lowenburg.
>The lecture is free and open to the public.
>The workshop is limited to 20 participants, at a cost of $12.50 each.
>Participation in the workshop is by pre-registration ONLY.  If you are
>interested in attending, please contact me, Bartholomew Hightower (Dan
>Watson) via email < bartholomew at coteduciel.org >.
>About Mr. Leray:
>Mr. Richard Leray, a master manuscript illuminator from Fontevraud
>l'Abbaye, France, will be returning to Utah this coming October.
>Illumination, an ancient art form that dates to the Egyptians, was used
>to decorate and elucidate handwritten books with luminous colors.
>Stencil illumination is a technique developed by illuminators at the
>onset of the printing press to replicate illuminated works.  This book
>art form died out in the early 18th century.  Revitalized in the last
>twenty years, illumination exquisitely expresses the traditional themes
>of culture, religion, and history though visual imagery.
>Mr. Leray is a recognized authority and artist in the field of stencil
>illumination.  After becoming a master in his art, he has been generous
>in sharing his passion.  He is a most engaging speaker who is fluent in
>English, French, and Hebrew tells stories using many individual pieces
>of art.  He uses his own antique tools plus original works as examples
>during demonstrations.
>During Mr. Leray's visit to Utah, he will be presenting to public
>schools a three-hour workshop exposing students to the ancient art form
>of manuscript illumination.  The workshop is a hands-on experience that
>teaches students directly how to create their own illuminated works.  By
>creating their own pieces, students of Leray are able to cultivate
>appreciation for the beauty and skill of this vanishing art technique.

THL Bartholomew Hightower of Canterbury
(Dan Watson)
bartholomew at coteduciel.org

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