[Artemisia] Ard Ruadh

ray congdon rayctc at yahoo.com
Sun Oct 31 09:33:45 CST 2004

Thought I would drop a line or two about our fair group down here 
in the deep south.  We have been blessed by a good year and most 
recentlly rain.  we are soon to have a group website up and running courtesy 
of Friar Smackamata. I would Like to thank all of those that worked to 
bring us this last Harvest War, it was awesome, we all had a great time 
up there.  if any wish to recieve a emailed copy of our area newsletter 
please contact me privately and I will forward your info to the 
cronicler.  Well thats about all for now, Just wanted to let you know that we 
are all alive and well down here.  Long Live Their Majesties!!!!!
    -Andrew C. M. De Holloway 

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