[Artemisia] Southern Region Seneschals-Reporting

bill mayfield wpmay at hotmail.com
Thu Nov 3 16:19:23 CST 2005

                this public missive is a follow up to the public posting 
for reports from the Seneschals of the Southern region of our fair
Kingdom.It was made in hopes that a better response then normal
would be recieved.6 days after the reporting deadline there have been
a total of ZERO reports recieved.    Rather disappointing to be honest.
  The boundries for the Southern region,as explained to me by Uhlric,
are as follows,From the North border of Utah to the South border of Utah
  and the little niches of Colorado and Wyoming we have as well.
I have recieved reports in the recent past from some of the areas
in the southern boundrys so the excuse of not knowing is not one
that flys to far and be assured that after this posting will not fly at all.
Please,if you are not sure....ask and answers will be given or answers will
  be found to those questons.

Yours in service,


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