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Niall and List



The olny thing is we do not have the details to make
in informed decision on that, we olny see what the BOD
has decided but we do not know the particulars of the
Anyone out there know what that was all about, form
the  clip of the BOD decision I would glean that it
has something to do with awards being given out

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Maximillian Von Passau

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> Guess the Kings word isn't law anymore.Geez some
> people in the Outlands need
> to get a life.
> Niall
> Snipped From Bod Announcem
> -Outlands Investigation
> Motion by Lis Schraer, in response to an petition
> from the Crown of
> the Outlands, Hoegaarden and Chiara, and subsequent
> input from an
> overwhelming majority of active peers of the
> Outlands, Abraham Risho
> and Helen Patton, (Ibrahim ad-Dimashqi and Ileana
> Welgy) are banned
> from participation, in Royal Lists or holding an
> office within the SCA
> for a period of five years beginning October 22,
> 2005. Seconded by
> Gabrielle Underwood. In favor: Jeff Brown, Dena
> Cady, Tom Hughes,
> Shawn Reed, Lis Schraer, Gabrielle Underwood.
> Opposed: none. Chairman
> Williams exercised his option to vote and did so in
> favor of the
> motion. Motion carried unanimously.
> The SCA Board of Directors wants to recognize and
> reaffirm the awesome
> responsibility that Royalty has in identifying and
> recognizing those
> individuals worthy of awards. The Board has no
> desire to participate
> in or to influence the decisions of the Royalty in
> their selections of
> those persons to receive awards. The Board also has
> no desire to
> hamper the creation and evolution of traditions and
> customs in the
> kingdoms.
> However, the Board of Directors requires that
> Royalty follow kingdom
> law and respect kingdom traditions in the giving of
> awards and every
> effort should be made to follow kingdom customs and
> courtesies in
> order to build and foster courtesy and goodwill
> among the membership
> during the courts and ceremonies used to give any
> and all awards.
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