[Artemisia] A&S championship, draw decided by hyppocras wrestling?

Jeff Brainard marcocaprioli at yahoo.com
Thu Nov 3 16:28:48 CST 2005

While the event season is over and many are busying themselves in
preparation for the holidays, we here in Stan Wyrm are keeping busy
other ways. Many of you may know that December 3rd is our annual A&S
competition and that we will honor a new champion that day, but here
are a few things I'll bet you DIDN'T know:

1. In the interest of building a better Artemisia and a more tightly
naalbint region, the honored title of Champion of the Arts and Sciences
for this shire will be open to any paid member of our Society.

2. This year's competiton features non-standard entry and judging forms
developed with the goal of encouraging operational knowledge of the
period through the Arts and Sciences.

3.There is regalia! I'm making it but you can't see it if you don't

This is my invitation and call to all Artemisians as well as to many
Avacalians to come and join us in the Shire of Stan Wyrm (Great Falls,
MT) on December 3rd to add to the tooth-and-nail,
needle-and-treadle-loom competition for the title of Champion. Their
Majesties have indicated that they will be among us and I'm sure that
they'd love to see you there, too!

I have advance copies of my entry forms, rules, and the like available
in hardcopy or attachment available for EVERYONE, all you have to do is
contact me off list at:

***************** stanwyrmMOAS2005 at yahoo.com **************************

My real question is, will there be a draw and will His Majesty exercise
the Crisco clause?

Yours in Service,

Marco dei Caprioli
Minister of Arts and Sciences, Shire of Stan Wyrm

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