[Artemisia] Non-lending Library at Collegium

Dr. C. M. Helm-Clark cat at rocks4brains.com
Sun Nov 6 00:59:47 CST 2005

When I got home this evening and unpacked the books I took to collegium 
  for the "non-lending" library, I found I was minus a book!  It's an 11 
x 17 dark-brown covered book of 16th and early 17th century clothing 
and their patterns by Janet Arnold (I forget the exact title but most 
garb addicts would recognize it).  My maiden name ("Helm") should be 
written on the inside front or back cover in small letters or on the 
top or bottom of the pages when the book is completely closed.  It's a 
Janet Arnold book - the garb mavens will likely recognize the author's 
name - which means it's not an easy book to find and one I actually 
rarely let out of the house.  Please someone tell me they found it left 
behind by accident and tell me it's in safe and loving hands until I 
can come and bring it home.

And before any of you garb mavens give me any more grief about why the 
worst dressed peer in the kingdom owns books by the likes of Janet 
Arnold, let me reiterate something I have said many times before, that 
while sewing machines and I do not get along, no - not at all, that 
doesn't mean that I know nothing about garb (because I do know a few 
things even if I am a failure at sewing machines), nor that I'm not 
interesting in garb (because, to be truthful, I am) and in fact I do 
own a bunch of nifty garb books, all of whom I have read, studied, 
drooled over... Trust me, I read EVERYTHING (and if you don't believe 
me, just ask El Hermoso Dormiendo, who has spent years with coping with 
my bookaholism - and here he thought I didn't know about his sneaking 
off to book-anon meetings ;-).  So trust me, I am as much a connoisseur 
of a well-fitted man in an artfully-made pour-point as the next gal 
(even if I can't sppelll it korrrectly).  So just because I don't grok 
those sewing-machine instruments of perdition doesn't mean I'm totally 
hopeless.  (Though the rumor that my demonstration of how to do 
chain-stitch embroidery is one of the great all-time gems of comedic 
performance art in the SCA is totally exaggerated, really, trust me on 
this...anything that that Duchess Leticia person from the West may have 
told you it totally false - don't believe a word of it!)

Anyway -  PLEASE, someone tell me they have my copy of Janet Arnold 
safe and sound.  I'll sleep a lot better if I know it's ok.

Therasia von BookaholicVerlag

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