[Artemisia] In praise of Math the Fish...

stephen spencer oakleaf at alaska.net
Sun Nov 6 08:34:16 CST 2005

Please excuse the bandwidth...I don't have another means to send this to His 
Lordship, Math the Fish....

Math, Congratulations!   Wear your future spurs well.  My lady wife and I 
wish we could be at 12th Night to witness your day. Your commitment to honor 
and chivalry was clear to us even some 7 years ago. Meg and I always admired 
your loyalty and concern you showed to others. A true gentleman.  The 
Chivalry of Artemisia, nay, even the Know World, cannot help but become 
greater with your elevation.  Be proud, but not too proud. Stay true to 
yourself  and you cannot help but succeed.  Gryphon's Lair is having a 
banner year indeed!

Hersker Breock of Whitby and Mistress Margaret Anne of Somerset
 formerly of  the Barony (then Shire) of Gryphon's Lair now of the Barony of 
Eskalya, Principality of Oertha

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> Their Majesties of this grand Kingdom of Artemisia,
> send forth to vigil, in contemplation of knighthood,
> His Lordship Math the Fish.  At the upcoming 12th
> Night celebration in Gryhpon's Lair, 

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