[Artemisia] our SCA bureaucracy at work

Dr. C. M. Helm-Clark cat at rocks4brains.com
Wed Nov 9 18:15:46 CST 2005

The following is from a post on one of the SCA mailing lists I read.  
The actual topic doesn't matter too much since the discussion had 
veered to talking about the SCA equestrian policy.  One part of that 
discussion is quoted below for your reading pleasure.

The only other thing I will mention right now was that I did not expect 
to lose the other half of my remaining lung (ie, from laughing in the 
middle of a bad cold) from reading one of the more 
bureaucratically-minded SCA lists, which is usually just a slight more 
exciting the SCA announcements list.

Enjoy (unless you have a cold, in which case I apologize)


> Subject: Re: Re: [scagc-l]  Society Seneschal Policy with Regard to...
> Reply-To: Grand Council Mailing List <list at grandcouncil.sca.org>

>> As for elephants in equestrian activities ...I think they are already
>> prohibited through the definition of equestrian in the rules and regs 
>> ...
>> if I recall right, I was at the Board meeting where the manual, rules
>> and regs were discussed and there is a definition of what constitutes
>> equestrian and equines ...because it had to be tweaked to permit
>>  the use of jackasses and mules as well as horses ...
>> since someone was using them in Ansteorra.... ;-)
> I think I remember that...  Of all the places to find asses and mules, 
> I guess Oklahoma and Texas would be highly likely (please, no laughing 
> out loud  ;)
> [name deleted to protect the guilty],
> Ansteorra, at-large

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