[Artemisia] Photos for Cover Art

Dawn Tavares dtavares1 at hotmail.com
Thu Nov 10 14:07:39 CST 2005

Not long ago I wrote:
>The Lord Adne volunteered:
>>I would be happy to supply photographs of current & historic Artemisian 
>>events as cover art.
>If the people and events in the photos could be identified, that would be 
>very helpful. Some of us are still struggling to match faces to names.

Then Morgan Wolf gently and privately corrected me:

>Adne is now the Baron of Sentinel's Keep, just so you know.

I do beg your pardon, Baron Adne.

I'm bringing up my gaffe in public because it somewhat proves my point. I 
don't know His Excellency by sight (we may have met once, while I was in a 
state of exhaustion, at Uprising). Neither have the two of us conversed 
electronically, so I didn't make the connection between the name and the 
title. A photo of the newest Keeper of The Sentinel on the cover of the 
kingdom newsletter might* have jogged my memory.

(*Might* have. Brain like a sieve these days.)

The formal portrait of (then) Their Majesties Sean and Caryn that graced the 
cover of The Sage reprinted well and showed their features quite clearly. I 
would think Artemisians in the far reaches of the kingdom, who can't travel 
to city-based events easily, would find such identification useful. "Oh, 
that's what our newest Royalty/B&B/Peer looks like!"

As to the state of Kingdom comic book art...I would dearly love to see Lord 
Aaron "The Inkslinger" pen The Continuing Adventures of Sir Timmy the 

Aurora de Portugal
Loch Salaan

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