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Hi all,

Here is what the Chroniclers Handbook says regarding
releases(Authorizations) and why all Chroniclers need them:

10.Copyright Policies
The Society operates under the ideals of chivalry. Respect for others'
property, including intellectual property, is part of those ideals. The
Kingdom Chronicler must ensure that copyrighted material is not used in
the Kingdom newsletter except in conformity with applicable copyright
laws. Authorization must be received in writing from the copyright holder
prior to publication, and the notice "Copyright © [date and holder]. Used
with permission." must accompany the copyrighted material.
Kingdom Chroniclers are required to maintain a file of all copyrighted
material used in the Kingdom Newsletter and any special editions. This
file shall include a copy of the material used, the permission letter, and
a note annotating which issue the material was published in.
Kingdom Chroniclers are also responsible for ensuring that branch
chroniclers within their kingdom are familiar with these standards and
adhere to them. If there is a possible copyright problem, Kingdom
Chroniclers are advised to speak with their local officers about the item
in question, and to follow up such conversations, if necessary, with a
letter pointing out the violation and suggesting a remedy.
Chroniclers who persist in reproducing copyrighted material without
permission will be removed from office.

I really don't wanna go against Society Laws and try hard to keep my
"ducks" in a row for audits, so feel free to check out the "Permission to
Publish" form out there already on the Society Chroniclers web page.  It
can be found at:  http://www.sca.org/officers/chronicler/welcome.html   
just in case any one would like to start using it right away.  :-)

There is a revised form coming soon to our Kingdom web page that is more
user-friendly and will allow you to list 10 items at a time or can be
easily added to or updated if more are sent in.  Hopefully this will
alleviate the hassle of printing a PtP form for every item.

If you need the new form immediately to send in items, please use the Sage
email address listed on the Kingdom Officers web page and I will be sure
to email it directly to you as quickly as possible. If however, you do not
get a reply (I have had four deaths in my family in the last six weeks,
cancer, heart attack, car accident and hopefully the last -> killed by a
drunk driver in AZ with services this weekend) I **may** be away from my
email or possibly having IP server issues, PLEASE pick up the phone and
CALL.  I like hearing REAL voices. :-)

Gotta get some work done....


> I have offered my photos to many people, groups, events, newsletters,
> web pages and who know what else I should be listing.   Others who have
> offered other art or whatever are in a similar situation.
> My question is.
> If a release is necessary.
> Could there not be a central repository, a single release for the entire
> Kingdom & all of its subsidiaries.   While I hate to add anything to
> anyone's existing problems, perhaps "on file with the Kingdom seneschal"
> might be an answer.
> Ådne
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