[Artemisia] 4th annual 12th Knight Auction Update

Dan S. wyddershin at hotmail.com
Sat Nov 19 12:34:10 CST 2005


As advertised, this year will mark the 4th annual 12th Knight Auction!

The auction will once again be held directly before TRM's final court in the main ballroom at Twelfth Night this year.

All proceeds will go toward the International Disaster Relief fund for the Red Cross and Red Crescent. We had a horrible year of hurricanes and earthquakes this year that has affected poor people around the world who will be facing starvation and exposure all winter, not to mention hurricane victims both in the US and Central America who won't recover for years without our support.

It is still early in the process this year, and the 12th Knight donations are just starting to come in. You all can do YOUR part by coming to Court at Twelfth Night an hour early and bidding on these great goods and services!

So far, the 12th Knight Auction has received the following donations.

Sponsor-Sir Aethelred 
Description-2 hours of archery lessons 
Approximate value-20$

Sponsor/Donor-Sir mrks 
Description-mystery item of armour. 
Approximate value-variable-in years past from 120-250$ 

Sponsor/Donor-Sir Brand 
Description-10 hand made wooden hangars 
Approximate value - 2-5$ each

Sponsor/Donor-Sir Lancelot 
Description-10 hand forged tent stakes 
Approximate value - 2-5$ each

Remember all donations must be made by or sponsored by a member of the Chivalry of An Tir. 

Bids must be in Cash (preferred) or checks only, due at the time of the auction. No pre-bidding will be allowed. If you can't attend send your money with a trusted friend to bid for you. All checks will be made to the International Red Cross-International Response Fund.

This year we have Sir Brand once again as our Auctioneer, as well as a possible surprise guest Auctioneer to be announced later!

Please be generous this year with your Bids and Donations.

Permission is not only given, but encouraged for this message to be forwarded in it's entirety to ANY forum, email list or newsletter that may be interested.

In Service,

Sir Daniel D'Antioche

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