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Sondra Gibson sgibson at edulog.com
Mon Nov 28 13:57:38 CST 2005

My advice would be: 1. Talk to her directly - or failing that, write to her
- and tell her what you have heard and how you feel about it.  

2. It that doesn't help, do talk to her Laurel, either directly or via

3. If you don't get a satisfactory reply from her Laurel, then I guess I'd
find another Peer you feel comfortable talking to, and discuss the problem.

Another route you could take (and probably should take) would be to talk to
the Seneschal of your group about the problem.

I would *expect* the person's Laurel to give you a non-commital reply.
(along the lines of 'I'll look into it and get back to you)  However, I
would hope the matter would be looked into, and the problem discussed.  

Good luck, from someone who is often more blunt than she probably should be,
but who believes in confronting issues rather than letting them smolder!  


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> Greetings unto the list,
> Sadly there is a person in my former shire that is not being 
> truthful about happenings in said shire. She is spreading
> garbage about me and my good husband. This in not chivalrous
> on her part and I would like it stopped now. She is now protege
> to a Laurel and I feel that slander is something that her 
> Pelican/Laurel
> would want to know about, however I fear that when approaching
> said Peer she will ignore my complaint, so the rest of the
> Peers need to know what is going on. So whom do I approach
> with my observations to have this dealt with.
> I would also insist on an apology from this person that is
> slandering my husband and I.
> Many thanks,
> Rowena of Falkirk
> "Luminous beings are we." - Yoda
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